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Here are a few podcasts/resources
that we recommend:



David Lewis Allen, Ph.D (Books) (Twitter) (Website)


Adam Hardwood, Ph.D (Books)


Eric Hankins, Ph.D (Sermons) (Interview 1) (Interview 2)


Brian Wagner, Ph.D (Articles)


Tim Stratton, Ph.D (Book) (Website)


Braxton Hunter, D.Min (Books) (YouTube)


Leighton Flowers, D.Min (Books) (Website)


Eric Hernandez (YouTube) (Book)

Ronnie Rogers (Books) (Blog) (Sermons) (Interview)

*DISCLAIMER: We do not agree with everything in the above recommended resources but their theological and apologetic content is stimulating in our own Christian walk and are assuming that you plan to be good Bereans to test what they say against the Scriptures.

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